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Thank you for visiting Showing Hope, all the young woman representing the House of Hope participate in the making or distributing of the jewelry and accessories. 100% of your purchase will go towards the educational needs of these women as their education is what will change their lives and their futures. 


This store is available for distribution across the US only.

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Vision & Mission

Vision: Changing the future: One child, one family, one neighborhood - the world.


Mission: By helping meet the physcial, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of children and young people, Vision for Children can enable them to change their world around them by breaking the cycle of darkness and poverty. Vision for Children has been called to rise up to meet this challenge - changing the future now!


To change the world, BECOME the change in the world. Help us change lives with love and education. Vision for Children-Chile is a faith-based ministry which believes that by improving the situation of poverty and exclusion is the responsibility of everyone in order to protect and better educate our children. House of Hope in La Pintana, Chile presently offers scholarships for higher education and creates community workshops in order to increase education and promote useful tools for the work environment